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Weekly Bible Study

bible open newOne of the joys of following Jesus is listening to what he has to say to you. The way that Christian's listen to Jesus is by reading his Word in the Bible. 

This is why at Bexley North Anglican Church we place the Bible at the center of all we do. One of the great ways to do this is by joining a group that meets each week to study the bible. We have a range of groups meeting at a range of times during the week - Tuesday morning for women (please see the T10 page), Wednesday evenings for men and a number of other times for men and women.

The Bible study groups generally run in parallel to the sermon series that is currently running at our Sunday services. This gives people a chance to read, think and pray for themselves from God's Word.

You are invited to join one of our groups to dig deeper into what God is saying to you in his word. Please contact us using the Contact link above.