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Kids Holiday Club is on again! (Weekly SNAC - 26th May 2013)

As  many  of  you  know  KHC  is  a  4-­day  holiday  camp  for  primary   school  aged  children.  Each  year  over 100  kids  from  our  local  area   pack  into  the  hall  at  St  James  Carlton  to  sing,  play   games,  eat,  pray, hear  from  God’s  word,  memorise   Bible  verses,  laugh  and  have  fun  together.

Last  year  we  spent  4  days  in  the  wild.  Bare  Skylls  taught  us  all  kinds   of  survival  skills  as  we  sky dived  out  of  airplanes,  fought  crocodiles   and  ate  bugs!  We  heard  about  how  we  were  stuck  in  the  wild because   of  our  sin  and  that  Jesus  is  the  only  one  who  can  get  us  out  of  the  wild   and  make  us God’s  children  again.
This  year  our  theme  is  medieval  ‘Knights  of  the  King’.  We’re  transforming  the church into a medieval castle filled with courageous knights, damsels-in-distress, jousting, feasts and excitement. Kids will  hear  about  Jesus the  true  king  who  is  worthy  to  be  followed!  

This year KHC will run from Tuesday 9th-Friday 12th July from 9am-12:30pm finishing with a celebration  service  at  each  of  our  morning  congregations  on  the  Sunday.  It’s  getting  close  now  and  the  team and I are getting very excitied!

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