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SNAC Online v2.0 (Weekly SNAC - 30th June 2013)

Over the last couple of months some of you might have noticed some changes at We have been quietly updating our website, changing how it works behind the scenes, changing the information that is available and freshening up the look of the site.
Why bother? Aren’t churches about people and relationships? Aren’t they about community and meeting around the Lord’s Word? Yes they are. But our churches also have the challenge of being “all things to all mankind” in the 21st century so that by any possible means we might reach some.
And I have lost count of the number of times I have asked people how they found our church and received the answer – I just Googled you!
We need to maintain an online presence that shows people that we are serious about Jesus and serious about participating as Christians in our world. Our website is a part of that picture.
What’s available? For outsiders, our website is a great way to find out about us and all the things that happen throughout the week. The main SNAC site functions as the portal to all of our churches but it is also possible to visit one of our churches directly. For example: or or
For regulars, the SNAC site is a gateway to a range of useful information in the life of our church. Did you leave your Weekly SNAC at church? You can download it electronically from the Latest News section.
Did you miss a sermon? Or are you interested in hearing a sermon from a different church in our Parish? Check out the Latest Audio section on our site.
If you are a podcaster (see the SNAC Audio page for URL details) or itunes (Search for St George North on itunes) user we have made our sermon library accessible to you through these channels.
Do you want to see what is coming up at church? Articles are posted regularly on our site and tailored specifically for each church across the parish.
Version 2.1: Most of the work for version 2.0 of our web site has been behind the scenes. It has been necessary – setting up the ‘plumbing’ to enable our website to be flexible and useful for the next 5 years or more. However, the next update to the site will focus upon the look and feel of the site. With Phil’s sermon series and our new church vision for ‘Glorifying God’ we need to focus on how we present that to the world graphically on our web site. Keep an eye out for those changes soon.
Can you help? Keeping the web site fresh, up to date and relevant is a challenge that requires help from many people. We need people to manage content; people to work on graphics and design; technologists and editors. Would you like to get involved? If so, contact Jason to find out more.
PS. Techno-mumbo-jumbo For the techy types – is hosted by DreamHost on a J-LAMP stack (linux server running Joomla 2.x on top of PHP on top of Apache with a mysql database in the back end). Our host allows us to SSH in to the site for maintenance and backup purposes.
If any of the above words after ‘techy types’ made sense to you then we need you!
Visit us online @

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