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Celebrating Kids Holiday Club 2013 (Weekly SNAC 14th July 2013)

For the past week the halls at St James have been transformed into The Carlton Castle. Each day 160ish children and their leaders have spent the mornings slaying dragons, per- forming amazing assignments in the knight’s tournament, conquering mountains of delicious morning tea, making medieval shields and singing songs about Jesus the King. We have tried our hands at archery, jousting, catapulting, turret building and medieval craftsmanship of many kinds.

We met one of the castle knight’s Sir Camelot. Sadly, The Carlton Castle had lost its king. He couldn’t find his way home because it was the ‘dark ages’. Sir Camelot had been tasked to find a new king for the castle. Togeth- er we went on a journey through God’s word the Bible seeing why Jesus is the only king worth following.

On Day 1 we saw how Jesus, the baby, was God’s promised king, come to save the world from sin. On Day 2 we heard about how Jesus calmed the storm and healed blind men. Jesus is a king worth following because he is a power- ful king. One Day 3 we saw that Jesus, God’s powerful king, lays down his life for us so that we might be forgiven and be part of God’s king- dom again. He does this because he is a loving king. But Jesus did not stay dead. He rose to life again and God made him king over every- thing. Jesus is the only king worth following. On Day 4 we learnt that if we want to follow Jesus we must say forget about ourselves and our way of living and follow Jesus. His way leads to eternal life. Today we are hearing all about how those who follow king Jesus until he returns will get to reign with him forever.

It was an absolute joy and privilege to serve alongside brothers and sisters from SNAC and together watch children meet Jesus and want to follow him.

There is much to thank God for and continue to pray for: - Thank God that over 50% of the kids who came were new to our church community.

- Thank God that his gospel was taught clearly and many kids were encouraged to follow Jesus or keep following him.- Please pray that kids who decided to follow Jesus this week would keep following him until he returns.
- Please pray that the connections made with new families would be followed up well. - Please pray that God would use all that we did this week at Kids Holiday Club to bring glory to him!
-- Sarah Munns

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