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Weekly SNAC, 16 March 2014 - The "Jesus Brings" Campaign



This year the Sydney Anglican Diocese has launched a new mission campaign called “Jesus Brings” so that churches across Sydney can together share the life-giving gospel with the people of our city.

What is “Jesus Brings”?

According to the Jesus Brings website (
The Jesus brings initiative is about Christians joining together in Jesus’ mission to seek and save the lost. Our prayer and our purpose is that as we bring to our world the message of God’s grace, Jesus will bring grace to many and draw people to himself… The Jesus brings initiative and campaign aims to see God’s people energised to share Jesus.

The overall tagline of the campaign is “Jesus brings good things”, and then churches can choose what specific tagline they want to use for their evangelistic events, promo material, sermons, etc. For example: Jesus brings hope for the broken… Light into darkness… Forgiveness to the sinner… Joy to marriage… Justice to the oppressed…Life to the full.

What are we doing for Jesus Brings?

As a church we are participating in the Jesus’ brings campaign in a few ways. For the 2 Sunday’s leading up to Easter, as well as Good Friday and Easter Sunday, our services will have an evangelistic focus to them. While every week is a good week to bring friends and family along to church, these services will communicate a clear and simple gospel message for those who might not know Jesus – Sunday 6 & 13 April, Good Friday 18 April, and Easter Sunday 20 April.

As well as this, in term 2 we will be going through Luke’s Gospel in our Gospel Teams, and thinking in particular how we can use a new resource called “The Search” to share Luke’s Gospel and the message of the Jesus who brings good things with our city.
More info to come.

What can you do for Jesus Brings?

• The big one is praying for people you want to invite and inviting them to one or all of our Jesus Brings services! The message of Jesus will not save if there is no one to hear it! There will be flyers and other resources available to help with this.
• Letterbox dropping the local area – mark on your feedback slip or let Brendan know if you want to help.
• Handing out flyers at train stations on Tuesday morning 15 April – more info closer to date.
• Share the good news that Jesus brings good things!
• Kids will be doing this in kid’s church too! So why not do some of these things as a family!

I hope you are excited as I am to show the love of Jesus to Sydney this Easter as we proclaim the Jesus who brings good things, to the glory of God!

Troy Munns

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