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Weekly SNAC, 18 May 2014 - Kids Plus and Triple 1

One of the highlights of my week (and biggest challenges!) is leading Triple 1 – the Year 5/6 ministry that runs at Carlton on Wednesday afternoons. Each week Hannah, Rosie and I meet around 15 kids from Year 5/6 at Carlton Public School, then walk them across to the St James church building. Some kids from other schools are also dropped off by their parents. For the next two hours, we teach the Bible, lead discussion groups, play games, run activities and generally hang out with these kids as we encourage them to follow Jesus. We have a lot of energetic boys in our group which can sometimes bring challenges but also makes our group very lively and lots of fun. It’s always encouraging to see these young people wrestle with the claims of Jesus and consider how they might respond with their lives.

At the same time as Triple 1, Sarah and her team of leaders run Kids Plus – a similar ministry for K-4. Across the two groups at Carlton we regularly see about 60 kids coming each week. Many of these kids come from families outside of our church, so it’s also a great opportunity to share the good news of Jesus with their families! On Tuesdays, Avril and her team run a similar Kids Plus ministry which sees about 40 kids coming along to Bexley North.

This term, all three groups have been learning about how the Bible fits together as one story, with Jesus at the very centre. In facilitating this goal, we have created a ‘My Kitchen Rules’ theme, where every week the kids cook food that connects with the main teaching point of the day. You can imagine the challenges of having so many kids cooking … at the same time!! While challenging and often messy, our cooking adventures have also provided a great opportunity for leaders to chat with the kids about Jesus.

We would certainly appreciate your prayers for this exciting ministry. In particular, please pray that God would continue to raise leaders who are available at this time of the day. We long to see many children (and their families!) come to know the love of God demonstrated in both the Old and the New Testament.

                                                                                                                                   Kevin Stepniewski

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