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Weekly SNAC, 1 June 2014 - St George North Anglican Church - School of Theology

The idea of a ‘School of Theology’ is rather off-putting for many people. It sounds rather high-brow and beyond the reach of the ordinary Christian. But don’t be deceived! All Christians are theologians.

Put simply, theology is the study of God. The word is derived from two greek words ‘theos’ meaning God and ‘logos’ meaning word – so we could say that theology is words of God or the study of God.

Christians are all about knowing God through his Word in the Bible. When you come to
understand who Jesus is you have already begun a lifetime of theological study – even if you don’t know it yet.

The St George North Anglican Church School of Theology is another rather off-putting name but once again don’t be deceived! The long name is really just a name. What matters is the opportunity it presents for you to accelerate the theological learning you are already doing as you read your Bible at home, church and Home Group.

Our school of theology is a partnership with the external studies department of Moore College. Moore College offers a large range of studies for you to complete via correspondence. We use the Moore College materials (see and study them together in a small group over 10 weeks.

What subjects are on offer this time? Beginning the 8th of June for 10 weeks (4.45-6pm at the St George Bank Auditorium, Montgomery St, Kogarah) we will be running two courses:

Introduction to the Bible – an overview of the entire Bible and a study of the themes which integrate the whole Bible as the story of God’s salvation for all who believe.
Promise to Fulfilment – studies the interpretive method of the ‘Introduction to the Bible’ course in greater detail by applying it to key passages such as Genesis 15, 2 Samuel 7, Jeremiah 31 and 1 Peter 1.

If you have never studied a PTC course then NOW is the time to start! Many people who began with ‘Introduction to the Bible’ report that it was the most useful course they have done to help them in their theological understanding.

If you have previously studied ‘Introduction to the Bible’ then the ‘Promise to Fulfilment’ course is an ideal next step – it is a relatively new course that many who have studied ‘intro’ have not yet done.

Don’t delay – register today to start next week! Contact Jason (call 0401 998 448 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )

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