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Weekly SNAC, 15 June 2014 - Year 13s heading to Fiji




This Thursday, our very own Year 13s, Rachel Miller and Hannah Goody, are embarking on a one-month mission trip to Fiji. I caught up with them to ask them some questions and hear what it’s all about. Here’s what they said…

What is year 13?
Year 13 is a Christian gap year program run by Anglican Youthworks, where school leavers take a year out to study God’s word together, grow in their love and knowledge of God, and immerse themselves in ministry. We love it!

Why have you chosen to do Year 13?
Hannah: I know what I want to do for uni, but wanted to spend more time learning about God with brothers and sisters in Christ.
Rachel: I kind of know what I wanna do for uni, but thought that Year 13 would be a fantastic opportunity to expand my knowledge of God and how to use that in ministry.

Part of year 13 is that you go to Fiji for one month. When are you going?
This Thursday! We can’t believe it’s come so quickly! 19 June – 17 July.

Once you are in Fiji, what are some of the big things you’re going to be doing?
One of the main goals is encouraging Fijian Christians. We’ll try to do that in a couple of ways – We’ll run a leaders training conference on how to understand and teach the Bible, where lots of leaders come together and learn from the Year 13 staff, while us year 13s help with discussion groups and preparing food.
We’ll also do local church mission, where we stay in the villages and live with Fijians and do life with them for 1 week. We’ll be involved in leading church services, preaching, giving testimonies, playing gospel songs, skits, Bible studies and more! Not to mention conversations where we can share the good news of Jesus! We’ll also get to visit Bible colleges, prisons, women’s refuge, orphanages and share Jesus with people there.

What about mission to people who don’t know Jesus?
Basically everyone in Fiji calls themselves Christians. Most people seem to think that if you’re Fijian, you’re Christian. The challenge then is for them to own their faith and live it, and for us to humbly try and show them that following Jesus is more than a cultural thing.

Why are you going?
Year 13 has had a long-term partnership with Christians in Fiji, so even though it might be short-term ministry for us, and we might not see the fruit of it, we can trust that over the
years God will use our ministry as Year 13s go year after year.
Another reason is that we are really blessed with Bible teaching in Australia. Apparently we have had more teaching than many of their ministers have had. We want to share the amazing teaching that we have been blessed with.

What are you most excited about?
Hannah: Teaching the Fijians the gospel, in order that they can teach others!
Rachel: The kids and schools ministry, because I’m passionate about education. I’m also excited to see the ministry that’s happening there, to see God at work in another place.

What can we pray for you?
• Sharing houses with people and being with people 24/7 (no personal time).
• Good health!
• That we would trust God and go with the flow despite the fear of the unknown.
• The language barrier, that we would share the gospel well with patience and clarity.
• That we would be learners, there to learn and be humble.
• That the Fijians and we would grow in our knowledge and love of Jesus.
Let’s make sure that we are praying for Rachel and Hannah (as well as Luther Symons who is on staff with Year 13 and part of our 9am congregation). Let’s pray that the message of Jesus is proclaimed with boldness and people are grown in their faith!

Troy Munns

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