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Weekly SNAC, 6 July 2014 - Kids Holiday Club is on this week!




Kids Holiday Club is almost here! We have reached capacity with 160 kids signed up and more on a waiting list ready to come if possible!

The decorating of St James has begun. The complete transformation into Super Impossible World will continue tomorrow, so if you’re free from 10 – 12:30 feel free to come to St James and lend a hand.

The talks are written and ready to go! We’re looking forward to teaching children about how God promises that if we trust Jesus we will live in a perfect world forever. Throughout the week kids will learn why they can trust that God will keep this promise. Nothing is impossible for God so he can keep his promise. God loves his people so he wants to keep his promise. God never forgets a promise so he wont forget this one he’s made to us. Nothing can stop God’s promises, not even death!

The final touches to our games and activities are being planned, delicious food menus are being finalised, crafts are being cut out and prepared and the entire program is coming together. We finally feel ready to have 160 kids descend on us on Tuesday (well, as ready as we’ll ever be)!

It would be great if every SNAC member could pray for Kids Holiday Club each day this week! God has been good to us so far! But we are weak and he is strong. We need his help! He is the one who changes hearts so please be praying! Inside your SNAC is a KHC prayer diary. This has prayer points for each day! Stick it up on your fridge, set a reminder on your phone, or whatever will help you to be committing this week to our Lord in prayer.

Also each day I will be on Facebook giving extra prayer points and things to thank God for. If you are not on Facebook and would like to receive an email please email me and I’ll put you on our list.

Thanks so much for your prayerful support!

In Him,
(and the KHC team)

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