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Weekly SNAC, 13 July 2014 - Praise God for a great Kids Holiday Club 2014!





For the past week the halls at St James have been transformed into Super Impossible World. Each day 150 kids and their leaders have spent the mornings doing Super Impossible Challenges set by Super Impossible Girl, laughing at the Super Impossible Brothers, Antonio and Benicio, and their crazy video game adventures, making and racing Mario karts, collecting coins, singing of God’s promises that never fail, eating, laughing and having fun together!

Whilst in Super Impossible World, we heard from God’s word the Bible. We learnt that God has made a super amazing, super huge, super impossible sounding promise to us! The promise is ‘If you trust Jesus you will live in a perfect world forever’. We met Big Red, a fury red puppet with a LOT of attitude. Big Red thought this promise was too HUGE to be true! So we explored the Bible for evidence to see whether we could trust God’s promise of a perfect world forever.

On Day 1 we looked at the story of Abraham. God kept his promise to Abraham and gave him a son even when it seemed impossible. We saw that God CAN keep his promise because NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR GOD.
On Day 2 we looked at the story of Exodus. God kept his promise to save his people from Egypt. We learnt that God WANTS TO keep his promise because HE LOVES HIS PEOPLE.
On Day 3 we looked at God’s promise to Isaiah that Immanuel would come. Even though it took 800 years for God to keep that promise, he kept it in Jesus. We learnt that even if it takes a long time to keep, GOD NEVER FORGETS A PROMISE.
On Day 4 we looked at Jesus’ death. It looked like God hadn’t kept his promise of a perfect world forever. But we learnt that NOTHING CAN STOP GOD’S PROMISES, not even death or sin. God raised Jesus from the dead, defeating sin and death forever.
Today we are hearing all about how we need to keep trusting in God’s promises until Jesus returns and we can live with him in a perfect world forever.

It was an absolute joy and privilege to serve alongside brothers and sisters from SNAC and together watch children meet Jesus and want to follow him.

In Him,

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