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Weekly SNAC, 14 September 2014 - Confirmation



Later in the year we will be having a service of confirmation at Church in the Bank. Many people are uncertain of the place of Confirmation so it is worth setting out what exactly it is. Confirmation, at its heart, is an opportunity for people who have
already been baptised to affirm their faith in God and their desire to serve him throughout their lives. In the service, the Bishop lays hands on the confirmees and prays for them that God’s Holy Spirit might strengthen and guide them. In particular, it gives those who were baptised as infants an opportunity to confirm and publically declare the promises made on their behalf at their baptism.

Confirmation also serves as a wonderful opportunity for the rest of the church to witness the faith of those being confirmed, support them in prayer and to renew our own commitment to the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

If you trust in Jesus and have never been baptised, then please contact one of the ministry team so that we can arrange for you to be baptised. However, for those who have already been baptised then confirmation is offered.

Being confirmed is a serious step that should not be entered into lightly. As a result, it is necessary for those who wish to be confirmed to complete a preparation course to show that they do hold onto the key truths of the Christian faith.

If you would like to be confirmed (and are in Year 10 or above) the details are as follows:

The preparation course
Beginning on Sunday October 12 for 9 weeks.
5:50-6:45pm at St George Bank Auditorium before CITB
The preparation course will be run as part of the Commitments group that meets each Sunday before CITB and is open to anyone (in Year 10 and above) who wants to consider being confirmed.

The confirmation service
Church in the Bank on Sunday 14 December

Please contact Brendan Moar or Jason Veitch for more details.

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