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Weekly SNAC, 30 November 2014 - The Best Story



G’day. My name is Big Red and I am very pleased to accept the award for ‘best story’ in the 2014 Christmas Scripture Assemblies. I had to use every single bit of foam in my head to come with so many great ideas – I mean, who would have thought of choosing me to play the lead role - the beautiful princess – but the kids obviously thought I pulled it off with ease. The plot line had some real punch with a bear coming to steal the princess’ pet duck Boris and the dramatic duel involving an umbrella, a rubber chicken and a banana … hang on … what do you mean I didn’t win? WHAT!?!

Don’t tell me Sarah won … I mean, she cheated. First, she got the kids to help her write her story. I mean sure, it meant the assembly was interactive, but that’s not fair! And her story was dumb. I mean, who would have thought people dressed up as hula dancers eating mutant bird poo to save their island from destruction would be funny? Seriously! What a complete joke! I bet she only won because she’s the children’s minister. Pathetic!

Oh … what’s that? … you mean Sarah didn’t win … REALLY? I mean, not that I’m glad she didn’t win but … but … who did win? What was the best story in the assembly?

Oh … the one about Jesus being born? But nederlandsegokken online casino hang on, Luke didn’t make that story up … he just wrote down what he saw. Well yeah, I guess it was a pretty cool story with the angels and the shepherds and the fact that Jesus is the saviour of the world. Still, I don’t remember any rubber chickens in that story …

Big Red










Editor: Hmm … thanks to Big Red for his article about the Scripture Assemblies that happened this week at Carlton and Rockdale Public Schools (Bexley North is next week!). I had hoped he might talk about the wonderful opportunity we had to share the wonderful and true story of the first Christmas with so many kids. Please be praying that many kids would remember that Christmas is about Jesus and that they would take up Sarah’s encouragement to read the story again from the Bible with their families.

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