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Weekly SNAC, 7 December 2014 - Confirmation at the Bank




Next Sunday, December 14, we are having a service of confirmation at Church in the Bank (7pm). Confirmation is an opportunity for people who have already been baptised to affirm their faith in God and their desire to serve him throughout their lives. In the service, the Bishop lays hands on the confirmees and prays for them that God’s Holy Spirit might strengthen and guide them. In particular, confirmation gives those who were baptised as infants an opportunity to confirm and publically declare the promises made on their behalf at their baptism.

Confirmation also serves as a wonderful opportunity for the rest of the church to witness the faith of those being confirmed, support them in prayer and to renew our own commitment to the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Please join us at the Bank and formally offer your support to our brothers and sisters being confirmed on the night:

Kelly Abrakasa
Lucy Benn
John Blois
Leanne Blois
Hannah Caukill
Imogen Cunningham
Damien Ho
Elsienna Jessop-Smith
Thomas Lymn
Troy Munns
Braydon Pilot
Tom Pollett
Jackson Tiddy
Anna Ristevski
Pete Ristevski
Dave Shannon
Alex Woof

Why not start supporting them now by committing to pray for them and their continuing growth in Jesus this week?

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