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Weekly SNAC, 25 January 2015 - Baby News!



Praise God for Hosea Turner and Isabelle van der Avoort

It is always a pleasure to welcome new little lives amongst us and this is no less true when they are born to Christian brothers and sisters serving the Lord in other parts of the world.

Recently our home grown missionaries serving in Tanzania – Glen and Dom Turner have welcomed a new little boy into the world. 

Please pray for Hosea that he grows to love the Lord and be his faithful servant all his life. Also praise God for the safe arrival of Hosea and all the safety and care Glen and Dom enjoyed as he came into the world.

Some of the first people to meet Hosea were visiting from our own church – spot them in the photo below!











Also, Ryan (our former and much loved student minister) and his wife Jo van der Avoort have welcomed their first child into the world on 17 January in South Africa.

Remember to pray for Ryan and Jo as they enjoy their new little girl Isabelle and continue in their work proclaiming Jesus in South Africa.
Praise God for how well Jo was feeling after Isabelle’s birth and pray that Isabelle is a wonderful faithful follower of Jesus.


Isabelle Elise van der Avoort (left)

Born 17 January, weight: 3.01kg








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