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Weekly SNAC, 1 March 2015 - Annual General Meeting



When: Tuesday 24 March, 8pm
Where: Bexley North (enter via Carrisbrook Ave)

We are coming up to that time in our calendar where we meet to elect important leadership positions in our church. At our Annual General Meeting on Tuesday 24 March we will elect people to fill the roles of Parish Councillor, Warden & Parish Nominator. Here are some answers to some common questions people ask about the AGM.

Who should come to the AGM?

Everyone who counts himself or herself a member of St George North Anglican Church. This is every member’s opportunity to ask questions and be involved in the decision making of our church. If we care about the future of our church we should attend the AGM.

What do Parish Councillors and Wardens do? (one year term)

Ultimately, parish councillors and wardens are similar to the ‘Deacons’ we read about in the New Testament. They are people who support the work of teaching and evangelism in our church. In practice that means that they are responsible for dealing with finances, property and other important matters that ensure that we, as a church, are equipped to do our job of making and growing disciples of Christ.

What do Parish Nominators do? (one year term)

Most years, absolutely nothing! They don’t even meet once. However, in the event of something happening to the Senior Minister or the Senior Minister leaving, they play a vital role in choosing his replacement.

Am I suitable for these roles (or who should I nominate)?

There are certain requirements (see the nomination forms in your Weekly SNAC). However, the most important qualifications are godliness and Christian maturity. We need godly people with a heart for growing the kingdom of God who are willing to serve in these capacities.

Please consider if you might serve in one of these capacities and ask someone to nominate you. Please consider other people who might be appropriate and ask them if you can nominate them. While nominations can be taken right up until the actual meeting it is best if people are nominated before the night so that people can consider the positions.

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