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Weekly SNAC, 22 March 2015 - Building up our Kids



It’s been so great to delve into Romans chapters 12-15! We’ve seen that the gospel leads to changed minds and hearts and to lives of sacrificial worship of our God. It’s also been great to be reminded of our unity in Christ. We are not to think of ourselves more highly than we ought but instead we are to use our gifts to work together to build up the body. We are to live at peace with one another, seeking to please each other for God’s glory.

But I wonder if you have considered where our kids fit into that. Two weeks ago we looked at Romans 12 in Kids Church and our kids brainstormed ways that they, as valuable members of our church, could serve the body here at SNAC. It was so encouraging hearing them talk about how they could use their gifts to build up our body. Here are some of the things they said:
- “I’m good at making friends with people so I could welcome new people”
- “I like baking so I could make cupcakes for morning tea”
- “I’m a good singer so I could sing loud and do the actions upfront in the kidspot”
- “I’m good at sport so I could help people if they don’t understand how to play the games in Kids Church”
- “We go to school together so we could help each other to tell people about Jesus there!”

We are a church who values our kids! We know that they are important to Jesus, that they can understand the truths of the gospel and that God can shape their hearts into hearts of service. But as we’ve looked at Romans 12-15 have you considered how you can serve and build up the kids in our church family?

Here are 3 ways that you could seek to please them for their good:

1. Pray for them
The best way that you can serve the kids in our community is to pray for them. Pray that God would grow their love and knowledge of him. Pray that God would make them bold to shine like stars in their preschools and schools, sports teams and dance classes and share the gospel with their friends. Pray that God would grow them into men and women who follow him all their days. Pray that God would help them to use their gifts to build up our body.

2. Sing loudly and do the actions in the Kids Song
One of the ways we show our kids that they are valued members of our community is by singing the songs that they love to sing. Singing loudly and doing the actions (even if you feel a bit silly) is a great way to serve our kids. Participating in something that they love builds them up!

3. Talk to them at morning tea
The encouraging quotes above were from 5 kids in 1 discussion group on 1 Sunday. God is growing and shaping our kids. If you ask them what God is teaching them their answers may amaze, surprise and encourage YOU. But they need older Christians to model to them what it looks like to follow Jesus for the next 10, 20, 50 years! They need you to share what God is teaching you and for you to encourage THEM to keep following Jesus!

Sarah Munns


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