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Weekly SNAC, 23 August 2015 - Investing in our decision-making - CITB Invest 2015




Last weekend CITB went away for the weekend to sunny Rathane at the Youthworks Conference Centres, Port Hacking, for a weekend of investing in God’s word, God’s people and God’s kingdom! And what a great weekend it was – literally the best Invest we have ever had! We had more people there than ever, we had more fun than ever, more friendships formed and grown, and we again got to wrestle with God’s word in an intense and rewarding way.

This year the topic of our Bible talks was guidance and Christian decision-making. Phil boldly and helpfully led us through what the Bible has to say about big questions like: ‘How does God guide us?’ and ‘What does Christian decision-making mean and look like?’

Does he guide us using “liver-shivers”, open doors, fleeces, and visions? We saw that now, after he has spoken fully and finally through Jesus (Hebrews 1:1-4), that he only promises to use his powerful and living word found in the Bible (Hebrews 4:12). We have all we need in the Bible to make godly decisions to live for Jesus and glorify him! And that’s what he wants more than anything! The biggest decision for us to make is the decision to take up our cross daily and follow Jesus! That is the most important decision we make, and all others pale in comparison.

But there are also many more decisions we make (e.g. should I marry, and if so, whom? What uni course or job should I do? Should I buy a house? How should I use my money?), and it’s important how we make them and what we decide. So we need to invest deeply and regularly in God’s word in the Bible to help us have minds guided by God, and to help us make wise and godly decisions that seek God’s kingdom first. We need to pray for God’s wisdom and seek counsel from brothers and sisters in Christ, and we need to just do something!

Some other highlights from the weekend included the Tonight Show, starring our very own Brian Kent (who looked remarkably like one of our members - Byron Kemp), abseiling, rock-climbing, archery, swimming across the channel to the sandbar, basketball (even Phil played!), relaxing around the fire, giant marshmallows, and an epic lip-sync battle that will never be forgotten. 

God was good to us and gave us many good gifts – spectacular sunny weather, an abundance of delicious food, and most importantly, deep fellowship with each other around his powerful word.

A special thanks to all those who put the weekend together (AND those who stepped up to teach kids church at our morning congregations so our CITB members could be at Invest).

Please continue to pray that we at CITB would make radical, wise decisions in a way that brings glory to our Lord Jesus.

Troy Munns

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