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Weekly SNAC, 4 October 2015 - Confessions of a Reluctant Door Knocker



I’ll get straight to the point – I hate door knocking.

Ok so maybe that’s a little strong, but it’s certainly something I never look forward to. I remember secretly hoping for rain on a recent Sunday so we could cancel our planned afternoon of door knocking! But hang on a minute you might say, wasn’t I the one who recently led a team of door knockers from our church? Yes … and wasn’t I the one who made sure door knocking was scheduled in the church calendar? That’s true … and isn’t it my job to talk about Jesus? Sure … (as long as you don’t forget it’s your job too!) So why the apparent contradiction? How can I be so persistent in promoting an activity that I never look forward to? The reason is simple – it’s because I’m convinced that all people everywhere need to hear the good news of Jesus.

While we might think that Jesus is rather slow in his promised return (we’ve been waiting nearly 2,000 years), we see in 2 Peter that God is actually being patient wanting ‘all to come to repentance’ (3:9). Every day that we wait is an opportunity for people to hear of Jesus, accept the wonderful offer of salvation and so escape the terrible judgement that is coming (3:7, 10, 12). Furthermore, those who turn to Jesus can look forward to the promise of the ‘new heavens and a new earth’ (3:13). So whether it’s knocking on random doors, sharing Jesus with friends and family or chatting to newcomers at church – I do all these things because I’m convinced people need to know Jesus.

But why door knocking – is it really that effective? There is a reality that a significant proportion of people living in our community will not want to engage in door knocking conversation – that’s ok. We pray that God will reach them in another way. However, there is a significant proportion who ARE willing to engage in meaningful conversation and perhaps read through Luke’s gospel. Perhaps more than you think! While we may not necessarily expect door knocking will bring hordes of people to church, we do pray that God will use our conversations in some small way to bring people one step closer to him.

However the other benefit of door knocking is for the Christian. It’s been really encouraging over the last two weeks to see members of our church involved in door knocking grow in their excitement for evangelism. It’s a great way to listen to people from our local community so we might appreciate the different way people think but also, under God, to share something of God’s love for people from every nation.

I’m not sure I’ll ever truly look forward to door knocking, but I hope and pray we would all continue to grow our enthusiasm for speaking about our amazing Lord in whatever context we find ourselves.

Kevin Stepniewski

This is the last week of door knocking at Carlton! Please meet at St James TODAY at 2pm for a briefing. We’ll be finished by 4pm.

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