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Weekly SNAC, 11 October 2015 - FIT Camp 2015




FIT Camp. I don’t how it comes around so quickly each year, but it does. It feels like we just finished Term 1. Then next thing you know it’s spring and we’re off to Rathane!

Despite the shock to the system, FIT Camp 2015 was amazing. As I sit down to write this reflection I can think of so many things to give thanks to God for:

1) Perfect weather for a camp (even if Monday was a tad hot).

2) Jesus. Our prophet, priest and king who mediates between us and God (1 Tim 2:5-6). We were encouraged to listen to Jesus, boldly approach the throne of God through Jesus and to serve Jesus as our king.

3) Our amazing FIT band – Gsus – who practiced for weeks before camp to be ready. The band was led by youth leaders but the overwhelming majority of band members were from Fuel and Ignite.

4) The FIT 2015 memory verse song was amazing too – well done Gsus!

5) The many small group discussions that flowed out of our talks – it was so encouraging to see our youth grappling with the complexities of our saviour and what it means for us to follow him in our everyday lives.

6) Fireside! Each night we ended the day with a half-hour session by the campfire to sing, share highlights, pray together and hear testimonies. So encouraging to pray with 60+ teenagers in open prayer.

7) Fireside leaders! Damien Ho (Yr 12) and Marianne Grant (Yr 11) prepared and led these sessions with great maturity – such an encouragement to see God’s people serving one another.

8) The FIT campers. They were the best. Truly. Respectful, punctual, helpful, servant-hearted and a delight to share 4 days away with.

9) Ignite. Our senior youth – as a whole – were great at looking out for the younger campers. In particular, there were a few Ignite men who were consistently seeking out the younger campers and helping them get involved in what was happening – be it dinner, an activity or prayer groups. Their servanthearted attitude was a great encouragement to the leaders.

10) Our youth leaders. They worked so hard in the lead up to camp. They worked so hard on camp. In particular, be thankful for the way leaders made a consistent and conscious effort to invest heavily in relationships with their small groups. They really did make camp all about their small group members growing in Christian maturity.

Please take the time to join with me in giving thanks to God for the way he has blessed us on this camp. Please pray that the things we learned will continue to challenge us as we seek to live with Jesus as our king. Pray for the leaders’ recovery (and campers’) after camp! Pray for the leadership team as we debrief and begin to plan for next year – it will be here before we know it…

Brendan Moar

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