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Weekly SNAC, 25 October 2015 - SNAC Men 2015



Truth be told, it’s not always easy to be a man, especially to be the kind of godly man that God wants us to be! For this reason, it was such an encouragement to see so many men from across our parish gather together on a recent Saturday night at our men’s event. (Just for the record, I know it’s not easy to be a godly woman either but you’ll have to wait until we hear a report from the SNAC Women day conference).

With much confusion in our world of what it means to be a man, I think many men are tempted just to keep their heads down and to avoid trouble (and effort!). In contrast, we heard from God’s word a clear message that men are to take responsibility and courageously lead ourselves, our families and our church. As men, we have to realise we are in a battle – not a physical fight with fists and guns - but a spiritual battle where our weapons are the Scriptures, prayer and holiness. In this life, we must strive to follow the example of The Man of God, the Lord Jesus.

I think it’s fair to say most men appreciate getting straight to the point and that was certainly the vibe of Saturday night. While the dinner was delicious (boxes of freshly made Greek Gyros delivered to our door); the warm up activity was great fun (two concurrent games of handball in the car park); and the washing up was minimal (only one metal tray!) – the highlight was a challenging word from the Scriptures and the opportunity to encourage each other as Christian men. If you missed the night, make sure you get on the website and download the talks!

With the bar set high on Saturday night, the real challenge for the men of our church now is to put this word into practice in our everyday lives. We must continually rely on the forgiveness bought by the blood of Jesus and we must take courage to boldly live out our calling as Christ’s soldiers and servants in his world.

Kevin Stepniewski

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