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Weekly SNAC, 21 February 2016 - An interview with Year 13ers Damien and Marc



In 2016, SNAC has two students participating in Youthworks’ gap-year program, Year 13. I caught up with them this week to see what that would entail, and here’s what they said:

Damien Ho                                                                                        Marc Betbeder

Why are you doing Year 13?

Damien: I’ve chosen to do year 13 because I wanted to dedicate an entire year to growing as a Christian in my love and understanding of Jesus, discovering how God wants me to best serve Him with my life and with what I’m passionate about. Learning how to better share the gospel, building relationships and loving/serving others to the best of my abilities.
Marc: I’m doing year 13 not only because friends that have done it in the past have loved it, but to spend a year serving in the church and striving to know God more, and through that to help me decide whether or not I would like to go into full time ministry later in life.

What are you looking forward to?

Damien: Establishing a greater foundation in the Bible through studying and reading God’s word, experiencing various ministries, discovering my strengths and weaknesses and working on them to be a better teacher and leader in kids ministry/1-1/Christianity Explained. …plus the fact that I’m dedicating an entire year to solely learning, growing as a Christian in my love and understanding of Jesus!!!! And the testament that it will be to all my friends and family who don’t yet know about Jesus.
Marc: The amazing community that is here, and getting to know everyone really well, as well as getting to spend a year to study the bible really closely.

What are you apprehensive/unsure about?

Damien: Not really unsure about anything :)
Marc: I’m a bit apprehensive about the Fiji mission trip in the middle of the year – I’m sure it will be a blast, and an amazing experience, but it’s a bit scary to go into a completely foreign environment to tell people about Jesus!

What will you be doing ministry-wise this year?

Damien: I’ll be sitting in on Christianity Explained courses, as well as doing 1-to-1 , with the goal of being able to run Christianity Explained in the future. I help with SRE on Wednesdays (Yr1 and Yr6). On Sundays I’m currently a trainee coordinator for 9am Kids Church under Larissa until I step into her position as she gets married mid-year – there’s a lot to learn!
Marc: I’m involved in the youth ministry on Friday nights at Fuel; I’m co-ordinating Triple 1 – our yr4-6 section of Kids Plus Carlton on a Wednesday; and I’m helping Troy with some admin things at CITB.

What do you hope to achieve by doing Year 13?

Damien: Regardless of what I do in the future – I hope that I’d be able to better serve God, others and proclaim the gospel faithfully to the best of my abilities.
Marc: This year I hope to grow in my understanding of God, my maturity as a Christian, my love for Him, and my capacity to lead and serve His people.

How can we pray?

Damien: That I would prioritise the ministries I’m part of (9am kids , SRE , gospel team), especially as I learn and experience the role of 9am coordinator: Pray that I’d be organised and on top of it. Please pray that I do the best I can in my studies and rest well. Year 13 - Make the best of the opportunities presented - speaking to people/lecturers etc regarding future plans in serving God with my life. That I’d gain a better understanding of what I’m suited to doing.
Marc: It would be great to pray for a smooth transition into a new routine, and for both Kids Plus and Fuel, and especially for the Fiji mission trip - specifically that we would prepare well for it so that we would feel confident in our words.

Please join me in praying for our Year 13ers this year!

Brendan Moar

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