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Weekly SNAC, 6 March 2016 - 9am Carlton Weekend Away



Our 9am congregation at Carlton had a wonderful time on our recent weekend away at Deer Park in the Royal National Park. It was a fantastic opportunity to hear from God’s word, to encourage each other as Christian brothers and sisters and to deepen the relationships within our congregation.

Jon Guyer was our guest speaker who challenged us from 1 Corinthians 2-4 to hold fast to God’s wisdom rather than be tempted by ‘worldly wisdom’. As we come to grasp the true reality of our world, we can be confident that God’s wisdom - the wisdom of the cross - is real wisdom. We were also challenged to honestly reflect on our lives and consider how we might continue to grow as disciples of Jesus, particularly wanting to get stuck into the ‘meat’ of God’s word!

It was also an encouragement to spend time as a congregation giving thanks to God, especially since we often neglect this in the course of our everyday lives. One highlight was hearing how God had used a Christmas leaflet dropped into a Bexley letterbox in 2014 to bring Jacqui to our congregation (As an aside, this is a great reason to sign up for delivering Easter leaflets!). We’re thankful for the many volunteers who served in our crèche and children’s program over the weekend. The children’s program was also based on 1 Corinthians 2-4. One highlight for the kids was the giant waterfight on Sunday morning!

During free time, the highlight for many was the water slide – not just for the young but also for the numerous adults who took the opportunity to participate! Some went on a bushwalk in the afternoon and others spent their free time chatting, playing board games, knitting and other crafty activities. On Saturday night, we had the incredible privilege of hosting the Tonight Show with John Kahuna. It was a great night of fun involving some fast-talking challenges, incredible lip-sync routines and even an egg roulette battle between husband and wife!

Kevin Stepniewski