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Weekly SNAC, 17 April 2016 - Encouraging our Children



Over the past term in Kids Church we’ve been looking at a program based on the Big Picture Bible. It’s been fantastic to be able to zoom out and take a look at the Bible story as a whole, seeing how God has been working in his world since day 1. Our kids have really enjoyed discovering how God has worked throughout human history to bring his people into his place under his rule. We’ve seen God keep his amazing promises through his Son Jesus, the forever king who came to save us and bring us back to God. One highlight has been our Bible Timeline cards. These cards picture many of the stories we know and we’ve been fitting them together to see the Bible’s big story of salvation.

Term 2 is set to be another great term! You may have heard that we’re going to be starting with a three-week sermon series about Christian growth and maturity. We will be looking at the gifts God gives us to help us not just stand firm as Christian believers, but to grow and flourish. In Kids church from preschool – year 6 we’re going to be following these sermons and checking out the gifts that God gives ALL his children (young and not so young) to help us grow!

Each week our kids program will cover the same topic that the sermon covers. This provides us with a wonderful opportunity to get alongside our children and encourage them to grow. Hebrews 10:25 calls us to encourage one another all the more because we know that Jesus is returning soon and we want to be found in him when he does. This includes our children. So here are a few ways that we can make the most of this opportunity to encourage the children in our church family.

For all SNACers:
As you spend time reflecting and praying about what you’re learning over this sermon series please take some time to pray for the children God has given us here at SNAC. Pray that they would grab hold of the gifts God has given us for our growth with two hands and use them to grow and flourish. Pray that God would grow their young faith into a mature one. Pray that they would be readers of God’s word, lovers of prayer and committed members of our church family.

For families:
This is a wonderful opportunity to talk to your children about some of the fundamentals of being a Christian. Let me encourage you to take some time during the week to talk to your children about what we are learning on Sundays. One way you can do this is by taking advantage of the Take Home Material that is sent out each week. It’s designed to take 10-15 minutes of a normal weekly task (e.g. around the dinner table, over afternoon tea, before bed) but to use those 10- 15 minutes to remember, apply and pray about the things that we learnt on Sunday.

After those 3 weeks our kids will spend the rest of the term looking at the book of James, which many of our Gospel Teams studied in term 1. Please be praying that God would be pleased to use us to grow the children he has given us here at SNAC.

Sarah Munns

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