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Weekly SNAC, 19 June 2016 - 'Questions Christians Ask' book series




As someone who works with young people, I’m constantly on the look out for books that accurately communicate great Scriptural truths in simple, accessible language. I want books that deal with the core issues without getting bogged down in academic arguments. At the same time, I want books that bring to bear the fruits of those academic arguments on their current subject matter, and clearly point to the Scriptures for the grounds of their arguments. Books that are simple, but not simplistic. Books that are easily read by a thirteen year old, yet push a seventeen year old in their understanding.

One series of books that I have found that consistently does this (and does it very well) is the Questions Christians Ask series, published by The Good Book Company in the UK. I think I have acquired every book in this series since it came into being and have been greatly encouraged by each one of them. I always read a book for myself before I add it into the Youth Library, and I’ve discovered that every book in this series is suitable for everyone.

The books are around 100 pages long and about A5 size, so they won’t take long to read. The language is simple. The examples are illuminating and helpful. At $8.00 a book, they are incredibly cheap. Topics covered include:

Can I Really Trust the Bible? (About the authority and trustworthiness of Scripture)

Why did Jesus have to Die? (About the Cross and what it means)

Is Forgiveness Really Free? (About grace and the Law)

How can I be Sure? (About doubt, assurance and the Bible)

When Will the World End? (About the second coming of Christ)

Is God Anti-Gay? (A particularly good book about human sexuality)

I think these books are excellent introductions to the topics they address. They are a helpful resource for both the Christian who has already thought long and hard about the topics and wants to focus their thoughts, as well as someone approaching the issues for the first time.

If you are ‘not a reader’, you may find these books help you get the information you need quickly. If you are ‘a reader’, you might want to buy a few, as you’ll polish them off very quickly.

Brendan Moar

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