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Weekly SNAC, 10 July 2016 - KHC Scandal!




KHC SCANDAL – The apostle Paul declares the whole KHC team to be
completely incompetent!

BREAKING NEWS: The recent sermon series at St George North Anglican Church has revealed some shocking deficiencies amongst the leadership team of its flagship Kids Holiday Club (KHC). Our special Weekly SNAC investigation has uncovered that leaders are not ‘competent’ in themselves (3:5). When questioned further, many leaders admitted they’re just ordinary people and as weak as ‘jars of clay’.

In the early chapters of his second letter to the Corinthians, the apostle Paul describes the glorious nature of gospel ministry (3:8). This ministry of ‘proclaiming Jesus Christ as Lord’ (4:5) is the way God brings life (2:16) and transforms people from ‘glory to glory’ (3:18). It is a ministry that involves none other than the ‘Spirit of the living God’ (3:3)! It is this glorious new covenant ministry that lies at the very heart of Kids Holiday Club.

Having reflected on the weight of the task at hand, we asked directors Sarah Munns and Avril Lonsdale what kind of people they had enlisted in their team. They spoke freely, ‘Ordinary people really … let’s see, there are uni students, parents, some full-time workers who have taken time off work … oh yeah and a heap of teenagers!’ We asked to see some letters of commendation but their blank stares confirmed there were none.

How did they respond to the wide-spread criticisms of incompetence? Their only defence was that their ‘competence is from God’ (3:5). Time and time again they insisted that reading these verses in context shows that God’s power is shown through our human weakness. With smiles that were hard to contain, they really did seem convinced that God had entrusted the wonderful treasure of the gospel in these humble ‘jars of clay’.

We left the meeting with only one thought – God help them all.

As we reflect on the weight of the task at hand, I trust that our whole church community will be praying for those involved in KHC. Please see the enclosed prayer points for more information. Let us be a people confident in the promises of our God who eagerly look forward to seeing how he will work through our humble efforts.

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