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Weekly SNAC, 17 July 2016 - KHC 2016: Avengers Assemble!



If you’ve been anywhere near St James’ Carlton this week you’ve probably seen or heard our Superheroes at work! Each day for the past week around 150 Superheroes and their leaders have spent the mornings at St James’ Carlton eating super food, singing super songs, making super crafts (including slime and snow globes), playing super games, versing some super villains and having a LOT of super fun.

We met a lot of Superheroes this week. But we also met Jesus in God’s word the Bible. We learnt that Jesus is more than a Superhero!

On day 1 Jesus met some fishermen. He called them to follow him. They left their nets and followed Jesus. We saw that Jesus has power over people. Jesus is more than a superhero!

On day 2 Jesus and his disciples were in a storm. The disciples thought they were going to die. Jesus yelled “silence, be still!” and the storm stopped. We saw that Jesus has power over the sea. Jesus is more than a superhero.

On day 3 Jesus got some terrible news. His friend Lazarus died. But Jesus raised Lazarus back to life again! Jesus has power over death! Jesus is more than a superhero.

On day 4 we saw Jesus hanging on a cross. Jesus died in our place. He took on our guilt and made us innocent. Because of Jesus’ death we can be forgiven from our sins. Jesus has power to forgive sins. Jesus is more than a super hero!

One of the highlights of the week was meeting Action Girl (aka Hannah Caukill). Each day she made feeble attempts to prove herself as a real super hero. However she was not very super. On Friday she realised that Jesus is more than a superhero and she wanted to share the good news of the gospel with all the people she meets!

Each day at KHC we had Hero Boot Camp testing our super skills and training to be better super heroes. We did this in teams and each team had a mascot. On Thursday night however, our mascots were kidnapped by the Evil Carmen who placed them in her death machine. Teams had to race the clock and complete activities to get their abort codes to enter into the death machine. It was very close but the evil Carmen was defeated and the mascots rescued!

A huge thanks goes out to all our volunteers who helped make this week a fantastic Kids Holiday Club! It’s a joy to partner in the gospel with our family here at SNAC.

The greatest highlight each year is having so many kids and families from our community hear the wonderful news of Jesus. Both kids and adults were given Bibles and many friendships were built and connections made! Please continue praying that God might use all that happened last week for his glory and to build his kingdom.

Sarah & Avril

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