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Weekly SNAC, 21 August 2016 - 6:30 Church Invest 2016




Last weekend 6:30 Church went away for the weekend to sunny Rathane at the Youthworks Conference Centres, Port Hacking, for a weekend of investing in God’s word, God’s people and God’s kingdom! And what a great weekend it was – God gave us amazing weather (2 beautifully sunny days), and more than 100 people came across the weekend, compared to 78 last year!

This year we delved into the story of Elijah in 1 Kings 17-19 – the story of an enigmatic prophet, who listened to God’s word when the nation of Israel would not.

Our guest speaker Dan Wu (who teaches Old Testament at Moore College) preached to us and showed us what the Elijah story teaches us – that the word of God alone gives life, and that to ignore it leads to death. Dan challenged us to ask: Do we hang our lives on the word of God alone? Do we listen to his word of grace and truth? Do we trust in it alone for salvation and submit every area of our life to his powerful, life-giving word? We were even challenged to make sure we don’t just say we do these things as a church, but to make sure we actually do them!

Some other highlights from the weekend included:
• Our very own Invest Olympics, with the countries of our link missionaries represented, and Dan Wu and Phil Colgan as judges.
• Going dragon boating and both boats capsizing into the cold Port Hacking river.
• Hearing the story of 2 of our sisters in Christ and how they came to know Jesus. And then we witnessed one of them being baptised.

God was good to us and gave us many good gifts – spectacular sunny weather, an abundance of delicious food, and most importantly, deep fellowship with each other around his powerful word.

A special thanks to all those who put the weekend together and those who donated so that people who could not afford it could come (AND those who stepped up to teach kids church at our morning congregations so our 6:30 members could be at Invest).

Please continue to pray that we at 6:30 Church would strive to hang our lives on the word of God alone!

Troy Munns

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