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Weekly SNAC, 11 September 2016 - FIT Camp 2016











In just a few weeks now, the youth of SNAC will be enjoying our 7th Annual FIT Camp. We’ll be getting stuck into God’s word to us in Proverbs and grappling with the idea of God’s wisdom.

At this point in the term, we need to start finalising our arrangements, so please be praying for the leaders as they bring all the various elements of camp together (talks, music, activities, Bible studies, sessions, seminars and a whole lot of logistics!).

Please be praying for our youth too, that God will use this time to help them grow in their faith. Here are a couple of quotes from veteran youth and children’s workers that point out why camps are such great times for teenagers to develop ties to the faith community and mature in faith:

‘Camps are a great way for … groups in churches to get away from their normal routine and learn more about God and each other. They give children the opportunity to develop closer relationships with their peers and leaders in a fun and enjoyable environment. Even the act of making a bed, setting a table or cleaning is somehow more fun on a camp than it is at home.’

Dr. Kaye Chalwell, Director of Curriculum and Teacher Quality, Youthworks

‘Important things happen when you leave the routine of normal daily life. Time away just seems to lead to growth… camp provides the best opportunity to live as a community of wholehearted disciples, even if it’s only for a few days. Camps offer your group more time and space for reflection, more concentrated teaching, more experiences of life together and a great surge of momentum for the following few months of youth group.’

Scott Petty, ‘Tactics for Teen Ministry’

If you are a teenager or have a teenager – make sure you register soon! This is an opportunity for Christian growth that is too good to miss.

To register online go to and follow the link.

Brendan Moar

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