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Weekly SNAC, 9 October 2016 - The exciting world of Synod!




Next week the Synod of the Sydney Diocese of the Anglican Church begins its meeting for 2016. The Synod begins on Monday 10 October and concludes the following Tuesday 18 October (don’t worry it only meets for 5 afternoons and evenings in that time!). Sometimes you may read about the Synod and some of its decisions in the Newspaper, so if any issues do arise please feel free to ask one of our representatives any questions.

The Synod is made up of all the bishops, senior ministers and elected lay representatives of every Anglican Church in the Diocese of Sydney (stretching from the Hawkesbury river in the North, Ulladulla in the South and Lithgow to the West). As an Anglican church we are part of this affiliation of churches and the Synod is, broadly speaking, responsible for governing the diocese. If you want to know what it’s like, it’s a bit like watching parliament on TV (but without the bad behaviour!). What decisions does Synod make? The Synod passes ordinances for the governance of the diocese, elects people to important boards, councils and committees, and scrutinises the work of the Standing Committee which does the Synod’s work during the year.

Our parish is represented by our senior minister (Phil Colgan) and 2 other representatives – Garry Allen and James Flavin. Alison Woof is also a member of the Synod through a different mechanism. Please pray for them as they fulfil this important role and especially pray for wisdom in the making of important decisions.

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