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Weekly SNAC, 5 February 2017 - SNAC Children’s and Youth Ministry Conference



Over the weekend all leaders involved in Children’s and Youth Ministry at SNAC packed into St James for our annual Children’s and Youth Ministry (CYM) Conference. On Friday night we celebrated and thanked God for all that he did in 2016 in our children’s and youth ministries. We also looked forward to 2017 and prayed that God might be pleased to use our ministries to grow his kingdom. We were reminded again that our Children’s and Youth Ministry at SNAC are on about Glorifying God by Proclaiming Jesus, Growing Disciples and Serving Together. Brendan and Sarah shared some of the ways that our Children’s and Youth Ministries will be seeking to do that this year.

Brendan shared with the youth a renewed focus on praying for the lost in our schools and asking that God would use us to bring them to faith in Jesus. Brendan also shared his desire that more people might meet up 1:1 to read the Bible and encourage each other to grow. This ministry has grown among our youth over the past few years and we’re excited to see even more people meeting 1:1 in 2017 under God’s word.

Sarah reminded us of that growing opportunity we have through our Kids Plus groups at Bexley North and Carlton. Both these groups are growing, mainly through community families joining, and so is our opportunity to proclaim Jesus to both kids and their families.

On Saturday (after a bleary eyed breakfast at 7:30) we dove straight into a day of training to be better equipped to serve, teach, and disciple the kids and youth God has brought into our ministries. We spent time looking at God’s word and what he says about ministry and the life of a leader. We looked at how kids and youth learn and how we can better communicate the gospel truths to them. We thought through how to foster growth in our kids in age appropriate ways that lead to real gospel growth and changes hearts. We looked at how we can use technology better in our ministries. We spent time planning in our different ministry teams including Kids Plus, Kids Church, Fuel and Ignite. And we spent a tonne of time praying that God would be pleased to use our ministries to proclaim Jesus and grow his kingdom. We also ate, sang, laughed and had a bunch of fun together (including a sand castle building competition to end our conference).

This conference was a wonderful encouragement! It’s fantastic to see the work that God is doing in our children and youth here at SNAC. This week all our kids and youth ministries start back for the year (with the exception of scripture which starts back in 2 weeks). Please be praying for our ministries:

- Praise God that the gospel is for all people, including children and youth
- Thank God for the many kids and youth he has brought into contact with our church
- Pray for the leaders of these ministries, that God would grow them in their love and service of Christ and his people
- Pray for the kids and youth, that God might grow them to know and love his son more and more
- Pray that God might be pleased to use our ministries this year to bring him great glory.

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