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Weekly SNAC, 12 February 2017 - Youth Ministry at SNAC




This week our Friday-night Youth Ministry groups started back for the year [Fuel, 7-10; Ignite,11-12]. To kick off we all met together and shared highlights of 2016, prayed for 2017, sang together and enjoyed catching up with friends. Brendan shared his desire that our Youth Ministry have a renewed commitment to prayer in 2017 – with a special focus on asking God to save the lost in our schools and to use us to do it (note: we have students from 25 different high schools in 2017).

Given the number of questions I field about our youth, I thought it might be helpful to let all the members of SNAC know what is happening this year. Here is a short update on all things youth ministry in 2017:

Under the blessings of God, the youth ministry at SNAC is a growing ministry, with around 90 regular members. Most of that growth has come through people inviting non-Christian friends, so please give thanks to God for that!

Alongside the growth of the youth ministry, the size of the leadership team has also grown. At the time of writing there are 16 leaders serving our youth:

Year 7 – Anthony Valle and Liz Tang
Year 8 – Nathan Gibbons, Braydon Pilot and Imogen Cunningham
Year 9 – Marc Betbeder-Matibet, Kathleen Grennan and Tin-yan Mak
Year 10 – Tom Pollett, Jackson Tiddy and Hannah Caukill
Year 11 – Rick Vance and Jess Ko
Year 12 – Jono Worboys and Jane Vance

Brendan will be attached to a number of groups throughout the year in order to better train and equip the leadership team.

If you are the parent of a youth, please invite their leader(s) over for dinner or lunch or something. The ministry our youth leaders do is a complement to the ministry you do in the home. We see ourselves as working alongside you and want to help you in any way we can. Another simple idea could be to get together with some of the other families in your teenager’s year and meet their leader(s) that way. The earlier in the year this can happen the better!

Let me also ask all members of SNAC – but especially parents of youth – to commit to praying for our leadership team. We know that we have a huge responsibility and we want to honour that. We know that we need God’s help to do that. We also know that it is ultimately God who brings the growth, and not us. So please ask that God would use us and see our youth grow in number and in godliness.

While our increased size is something to give thanks for, it also means increased operational costs for us. Resourcing even a simple activity for 45 – 50 youth at FUEL costs significantly more than it did for 20. Instead of introducing a fee for each week, we are asking parents to consider a voluntary contribution of $5 per term to help us finance activities, resources and other sundries (like our Year Six welcome packs in Term 4). If you would like to contribute, there will be a collection point set out on Friday nights.

Finally, for your prayers and for your information, here is the teaching program for 2017:
Fuel: Mark 8-16, Samuel-Kings Overview, Ephesians, Galatians
Ignite: 1 John, Evangelism, Ephesians, Luke 1-4

Please continue to pray for us and feel free to contact me at any point if you want to talk about our youth ministry.

In Christ,
Brendan Moar

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