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Weekly SNAC, 16 July 2017 - Gotta catch 'em all! Pokémon!

We have had the absolute BEST week this week at Kids Holiday Club! With 180 kids coming across the week to catch Pokémon, do craft, sing, dance, eat, play games, and laugh together. We’ve evolved a Squirtle, eaten Pokémon donuts, helped Charmander get back his fire power, played Pokémon Go, carved Pokémon out of spam in a Masterchef challenge, and trained up Pokémon ready for the final battle on Friday (definitely one of the highlights of this year).

Our friend Dash Ketchum (a.k.a. Vincent Chan) joined us each day. He was trying to catch Pokémon in order to battle and defeat the St James Gym leader, Rufus (a.k.a. Kevin Stepniewski). With a final epic battle on Friday he defeated Rufus and claimed the St James Gym badge. However Dash finally learnt that catching powerful Pokémon is good, but catching Powerful Truths about God is better! 

And that was the real highlight of KHC this year. 

On Day 1 we heard Powerful Truth #1: God is Creator. Jess led us through Genesis 1 and showed us that God made everything, including us! He is the boss!

On Day 2 we heard Powerful Truth #2: God is Holy. Emily brought us this GOOD NEWS. But then there was BAD NEWS - we are NOT holy so we can’t be in God’s presence. But there was GOOD NEWS - we can be made holy through Jesus!

On Day 3 we heard Powerful Truth #3: God is Faithful. Kelly showed us how God made promises to his people all throughout the Bible and that he keeps his promises. God kept his promises to Abraham and to David. Through Jesus we can be part of those promises. God is faithful and so we can trust him!

One Day 4 we heard Powerful Truth #4: God is Loving. Netane taught us the parable of the lost son. Just like the son in the parable we have wandered away from God. But when we trust in Jesus God welcomes us back as his children again.

A huge thanks goes out to all our volunteers who helped make this week a fantastic Kids Holiday Club! It’s a joy to partner in the gospel with our family here at SNAC.

The greatest highlight each year is having so many kids and families from our community hear the wonderful news of Jesus. Both kids and adults were given Bibles and many friendships were built and connections made! Please continue praying that God might use all that happened last week for his glory and to build his kingdom.

1 Thessalonians 5:23-24 (our memory verse from this week)

God is the God who gives peace. May he make you holy through and through. May your whole spirit, soul and body be kept free from blame. May you be without blame from now until our Lord Jesus Christ comes. The God who has chosen you is faithful. He will do all these things.

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