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Weekly SNAC, 10 December 2017 - SRE Christmas Assemblies

Over the last two weeks, our church has been involved in a number of SRE Christmas Assemblies at four local schools. It’s exciting that over 1,000 children and their teachers could hear that Christmas is about celebrating the birth of Jesus and to understand why this is such good news!

At one school, Jana, Petros and Melissa taught from 1 John 4:9 that God showed his love for us at Christmas because Jesus was born into our world as our rescuer. While many people may be familiar with the events of the nativity story, we see that it’s a wonderful demonstration of God’s love for us. This teaching was reinforced by the ‘professor’ who was trying to show his pet fish how much he loved him. After a number of failed communication attempts, he finally managed to turn himself into a fish! The kids also sung ‘Jesus saves’ to the tune of Jingle Bells which is a great reminder of what Jesus came to do.

At the other schools, Sarah and her team taught about Simeon and how he was looking forward to meeting God’s promised King. This was contrasted by an energetic character called Jeff who was looking forward to competing in the “famous” show Christmas Ninja Warrior. You can see the ‘official’ ad here -

Jeff brought along his home training course to show the kids, which included the candy cane swing, present lift and cargo lights.. After some Ninja Warm Ups (including such moves as candy cane stretch and crouching reindeer) it was time to run the course. Unfortunately for Jeff, he was too slow! He was so disappointed since he had been looking forward to being the Ultimate Christmas Ninja Warrior.

However, all was not lost for Jeff. He was able to hear (along with the kids!) the story of Simeon from Luke 2:22-32. Netane taught us that God had made an incredible promise to Simeon. God told him that he would meet his promised king come to save people from sin. Simeon was looking forward to meeting the Messiah! 

Jess & Avril shared that when Simeon met Jesus, he knew that this baby was the one God had sent into the world to save people from sin. But how could a baby save people from sin?

Well, finally Rick explained that this baby grew up into a man, died on a cross and rose from death! He really was God’s promised king come to save us from sin. And that was what Simeon was looking forward to at Christmas time, and that is what we can look forward to at Christmas time too! God’s king, come to save us from sin.

The Christmas Assemblies are always fantastic opportunities to teach kids what the Bible says about the real meaning of Christmas. It’s a joy to partner with our SRE teachers who go into our local schools every week and faithfully teach kids from the Bible! Please pray that God would use all the scripture lessons taught this year to bring glory to him. And please pray that children would look forward to celebrating Jesus this Christmas!

Kevin Stepniewski

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