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Jason Veitch

Jason Veitch

Role: Associate Minister

Jason Veitch leads the 10.30am congregation at Bexley North and the 8:30am congregation at Bexley.

Latest sermons by
Quest for a King
Sun, Jul 20, 2014
Duration: 24 mins
Today we begin a new series looking at Israel's search for a king in 1 Samuel
Jesus Brings…
Sun, Jul 13, 2014
Passage: Luke 10:25-37
Duration: 22 mins 23 secs
"Super Impossible Promises" *Issue in recording for the first 10:22 minutes.
Sun, May 18, 2014
Series: Ruth
Duration: 27 mins 16 secs
Now that we've met boy and girl, and girl has met boy, what happens next?
Jesus Brings…
Fri, Apr 18, 2014
Passage: Luke 23
Jesus brings salvation!
The Coming of the King (Matthew's Gospel)
Wed, Dec 25, 2013
Royal rumble at the first Christmas. This was a family service.
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