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Weekly SNAC, 19 March 2017 - I Will Glory In the Cross




Last Sunday we started singing a great new song at our 6:30 congregation called “I Will Glory In the Cross” (by Rob Smith for Emu Music). The song explores the wonder of the cross – that Jesus died for us, and also explores many ways that the cross impacts our lives, and how we should respond to God’s incredible love shown to us in the cross.

All of this is summed up in the refrain: “I will glory in the cross,” which comes from Galatians 6:14 where Paul says: But as for me, I will never boast about anything except the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Our Holman translation uses the word “boast”, but older translations used the word “glory”, which is a word that’s not really used as a verb (doing word) very much these days. We know what it means when something is “glorious” (e.g. “This cake is glorious!”), but we don’t really use the verb “I glory” very much (e.g. “I will glory in this cake”).

So what does it mean to glory in something? According to Google, to glory means to “take great pride or pleasure in.” It means to boast in, to revel in, to be satisfied in, to enjoy. (I often glory in peanut butter toast!)

I love this song because it shows the simplicity of the Christian life – Jesus died for me, an undeserving sinner, to give me eternal life, and so now in response I will give my all for him, living for him, counting the cost, rejoicing in him, singing his praises, resting in his work (not mine!), suffering for his sake. All of this is worth it… why? Because of the cross!

So the Christian responds to the cross with: I will glory in the cross! I will boast and revel in the cross. I will find my joy and satisfaction in God’s love for me, shown as Jesus died on the cross in my place.

But part of glorying in the cross is not to keep it to ourselves. How can we if it means so much to us?! That’s what the end of the song (and my favourite part is about):

For my king has borne my blame
And has sent me in His name
As a servant to the lost
I will glory in the cross

So my prayer is that we would be a church who glory in the cross, who boast in it, who are satisfied in it, who rejoice in God’s great love and serve our world by declaring the cross of Christ to our world!

If you’re keen to have a listen you can find the song in many places – on YouTube, Spotify, iTunes, or on the Emu Music album Songs of the Saved.

Verse 1
To the Saviour of my soul
I will gladly give my all
For He gave His life for me
On the cross of Calvary
On this hill I’ll take my stand
With His promise in my hand
Counting all my gains as loss
I will glory in the cross

Verse 2
He has bought me with a price
Now He bids me: “Come and die”
And although the battle’s long
In His strength will I be strong
For where else have I to flee
But to Him who died for me
So I’ll gladly count the cost
I will glory in the cross

Hallelujah, hallelujah
Worthy is the Lamb of God
We will give You endless glory
For You saved us by Your blood
Hallelujah, hallelujah
We rejoice in Your great love
We will sing Your endless praises
For You ransomed us for God

Verse 3
In His grace will I press on
Resting in His work alone
Unafraid His path to take
I will suffer for His sake
For my king has borne my blame
And has sent me in His name
As a servant to the lost
I will glory in the cross

Troy Munns

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