Weekly SNAC, 15 July 2018 - What are you investing in?

Each year our 6:30 Church congregation heads down to the beautiful Youthworks Conference Centres at Port Hacking for our weekend away – Invest. It’s called Invest because each year when we go away our goal is to invest in God’s people, God’s word, and God’s kingdom.

It’s a weekend full of food, sleeplessness, plenty of coffee and board games! But more importantly, it’s a time when we get stuck into God’s word and getting to know each other more, in a way that we cannot always do in the week-to-week.

Invest is the time where we invest in God’s people and God’s word, and see the fruit of that over the next year. We see people grow in love for one another, and walk away with a deeper love for our Lord Jesus and a passion to live for him! And it’s my prayer that as we do this we are investing in and growing God’s kingdom. Praise God for this great gift!

This year’s Invest is coming up in a few weeks (Friday 10 – Sunday 12 August). This year Phil and I will be teaching on the first few chapters of Revelation.

So, if you are an adult of 6:30 Church, then sign up online at snac.org.au/invest

And whoever you are, please pray for us as we prepare for the weekend and when we are there:

• Thank God for the opportunity to spend time away enjoying his creation and with people around his word.

• Thank God for the provision of food and accommodation.

• Pray that lots of good memories will be made and laughs will be had. Pray that our relationships with each other will grow.

• Pray for Phil and me as we prepare to teach God’s word.

• Pray that all of us would invest in God’s word and find great treasures there!

Troy Munns