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Weekly SNAC, 2 April 2017 - Big Day Out & Annual General Meeting Wrap Up




Over the last week we’ve had both our Big Day Out and Annual General Meeting. For those who only made one or the other, here are some of the highlights and points for prayer.

Heaven and Hell

At the Big Day Out our regional Bishop Peter Lin taught on the topic of heaven and hell. The talks were both sobering and encouraging in equal measure. We were left with two key questions:
1) How does the reality and awfulness of hell shape the way we see our world now? And especially, how can it not create an urgency in us to share Jesus with people?
2) How does the reality and wonder of heaven shape our reality now? And especially, the fact that heaven is for people from all nations?

Encouraging testimonies

Over the day we heard interviews in person and on video that shared how God has been at work in various people and ministries across the parish. I think for most people these were a wonderful encouragement and the highlight of the day. If you missed them, why not ask Jason, Troy or Kevin how you could go about seeing them?

Building Strategy – Development of St James

At both the BDO and AGM we were presented with the long term property plan for the parish and the immediate plans to work on St James’ Carlton. These plans were overwhelmingly endorsed at the AGM. Very briefly, the plan is to increase the capacity at St James, improve its amenity and deal with all major structural issues to ensure that we have one site ready to cater for our largest ministries.

When will it occur? The intention is to start the work in late July, meaning that we will have to work around the project for most of Term 3.

Cost? In order to fund the project, we have received a $50,000 government grant (Praise God!). So we then need to raise an additional $280,000. The current intention is to borrow no more than $200,000, so we would like to raise $80,000 above and beyond our ministry budget to fund the works. A fund raising call will be made in the coming weeks. Please prayerfully consider if you can contribute.

Further information? For those interested in more specific details about the plans, there will be an information session:
Tuesday 4 April, 7-8pm
At St James Carlton


The following people were elected or appointed to important positions at our Annual General Meeting. Please pray for them as they fulfil these important roles.

Parish Wardens

Keith Haines (Bexley North)

Helene Tyas (Carlton 10:30am)

Rob Woof (Carlton 9am / 6:30pm)


Parish Councillors

Luc Betbeder-Matibet (Carlton 9am)

Eddie Kong (6:30pm)

Craig Cunningham (Carlton 10:30am)

Diane Lunniss (Bexley)

Colin Francis (Carlton 10:30am)

Christine Pollett (Bexley North)

Amy Gibson (Bexley North)

Rae Webb (Bexley)

Tim Hogan (6:30pm)


Parish Nominators

Luc Betbeder-Matibet (Carlton 9am)

Don Grant (Carlton 10:30am)

Stephanie Lane (6:30pm)

Scott Lincoln (Carlton 10:30am)

Lynda Pilot (Carlton 10:30am)


Lay Synod representatives

James Flavin (Carlton 10:30am)

Garry Allen (Carlton 10:30am)