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Weekly SNAC, 3 December 2017 - God’s work at SNAC

Over the last couple of weeks Phil has taken the opportunity to travel around all of our congregations to give a short update of what God has been doing across the whole parish. For those who missed that week or wanted to be reminded, here is a brief summary of some of the things Phil spoke about.

Partnership in the Gospel

Drawing on Paul’s prayer for the Philippians, Phil took the opportunity to remind us of the privilege and benefit it is to be able to work in partnership across all six of our congregations as we seek to glorify God by proclaiming Jesus, growing disciples and serving together. He then spoke about three initiatives taken over the last 12 months:

1. English for Life
Phil gave an update about the slow growth of this ministry and the particular joy that all of the people stay for an easy English Bible Study afterwards. Of course, this is just the first step in this ministry and we now need to think long and hard about how we expand in our effort to reach the many people in our area for whom English is a 2nd language.

2. 4:30pm congregation at Bexley North
It is such a joy that already there are a handful of new people who have joined our church through this new congregation. From little things, big things grow, so we now pray that this new congregation will grow and work with the existing Bexley North congregation to grow the Gospel in that part of the parish.

3. Building project at St James
We should be so thankful that we’ve taken this first step of ensuring we have our biggest location as equipped as it can be for the growth of our parish, especially for us to grow our youth and young adult ministry.

Phil shared two things to praise God for:
1) That the project is on time to be completed in December.
2) That a total of $121,890 has been raised over and above our regular offertory for the project!

Plans for next year

Phil then briefly shared a few things in preparation for next year, for our prayers and planning:

1. Staff changes
Sarah Munns will be changing to 2 days a week in her children’s ministry role next year. She will continue to oversee Kids Church but will not be involved ‘on the ground’ on Sunday mornings.

2. Budget update
We should never cease to praise God for the generosity of his people here at St George North. While raising that additional $122,000, we have still substantially met our budget for the year to date.

2017 Offertories to October: $669,755
Budgeted offertories YTD: $698,924
Shortfall YTD: $ 29,169

Phil then advised that the monthly offertories required in 2018 will be rising by 5% as follows:

Monthly offertories 2017: $69,892
Monthly offertories required for 2018: $73,179
Monthly increase: $ 3,287 (5%)

Phil gave thanks for people’s generosity and encouraged people to consider their giving for 2018.

3. Big Day Out
To kick start next year and some of the new things we are starting we are going to be having our parish wide Big Day Out. Please get the date in your diary now because it will be a wonderful time for all members of SNAC from across all the congregations to meet together and encourage one another. We will also be hearing from various people from across the parish about the different ministries they are involved in.

When? Saturday 24th of March from 8:30am
Where? Danebank School, Hurstville

Please take the chance to sign up now to also get the early bird saving.

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