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St George North Youth Ministry

At St George North we are committed to youth ministry.

Did you know that something like 80% of people who become Christians do so before their 18th birthday? Or that you will never have as much contact with as many people on a regular basis as you do in your school years? Because we believe that the message of the gospel is for all people--this includes teenagers--we want the gospel to ring out loud and clear among the youth of the St George area. Our dream under God is to see a community of young people being built up in Christ and equipped to build up and equip others in Christ. Young people taking the gospel to young people. Disciples making disciples. Teenagers living lives radically transformed and shaped by the Lordship of Jesus Christ, sacrificially loving and serving others. All because they love Jesus.

Come and join us to find out what it looks like to serve King Jesus, and to know the joy, peace and contentment that comes from Him. 

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